My Deep Words

My Deep Words



Spirit Led…

It means something different for each person. For me, it’s having a feeling or hearing something speak to my soul.  It can’t be contained and the words must come forth.  I don’t know who it is for however, I know the person it is to reach will see the message. It may be a confirmation for them.  Spark something within to move forward.  Stop knocking on a closed door.  I have no idea.  People don’t share if it has touched them.  They do if it is something they are led to do. I just learned to do my part.  


Not a Newbie…

For some people there birthing of what is to come from them starts in darkness.  They face opposition.  Have setbacks and attacks to not bring forth what is destined.  That is why this is not a newbie experience for me.  Many years and attempts yet it was always stopped or misconstrued.  Now living where other people are sharing their gifts it seems that I will have a better experience in sharing poetry.  


Moving on…

Leaving my homestate was painful yet I couldnt wait to learn what God had in store for me elsewhere.  Everyone isn’t meant to stay in the same place.  I don’t know what other locations God has for me yet I am open to what is my destiny. 



We all have choices to make.  However, some do not have the freedom to decide their own lives.  I made the choice to have a voice over pleasing people that may agree yet never support or say one thing positive.  I made a choice to focus on my life and what my part is in the big picture without penalized others for their choices.  There is a freedom in letting go and just floating on your own yet if someone meets you to welcome them.  Don’t wait for them.  Don’t expect them.  Make the choice to live your life and those destined will make their own choice to join you as they go on their own journey.  



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